Blog Date: 
Friday, March 14, 2014
Clara Van Gerven

DropBox on the Braille Sense

The Braille Sense is the only notetaker that offers access to the Cloud. The BrailleSense Plus, OnHand, U2, and U2 Mini all provide easy access to the Cloud through our easy DropBox app.

To get a DropBox account, you can go to

Once you have a Dropbox account set up, all you have to do to access it is:
1.    From the Main Menu press X for Extras, then R for Dropbox.
2.    If you have never signed into Dropbox on your BrailleSense, you will be prompted for your email address and password. Type in your email address, then press F3 (TAB QWERTY) to go to the Password field and write in your password. Note your email address and password must be written in Computer Braille.
3.    If you wish, your BrailleSense can remember your account, thus eliminating the need to write in your email address and/or password the next time you start Dropbox. After typing in your email address and Password, continue to press F3 (TAB QWERTY). And you will come to the Remember Me checkbox, Save Password checkbox, Auto Sign-in checkbox, Sign In Button and Cancel Button.
4.    The Remember Me checkbox, if checked, will store your email address.
5.    The Save Password checkbox will remember your password.
6.    The Auto Sign-in checkbox, if checked, will automatically sign you into Dropbox when the application is launched.
7.    After checking any or all checkboxes, press the Sign in Button.
8.    You will now see the files and folders you have in Dropbox.
9.    Move between folders and files with normal file navigation commands.

You can use the context-sensitive help on your Braille Sense to learn how to upload files, download files, create folders, and more.