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Braille Information for Blind Adults

A blind man reads a Braille book.Braille, developed in the 1820s by Louis Braille, is one of the most important, and often underestimated, tools of independence for the blind.  The code's importance is evidenced by the relationship between Braille and employment: 80 percent of blind adults who are gainfully employed utilize Braille in their daily lives.  Contrast that with the 70 percent unemployment rate among blind adults.

One of the goals of the National Federation of the Blind is to help people appreciate Braille for the efficient system it is. The main difference between print and Braille is simply that print is meant to be read with the eyes, while Braille is meant to be read with the fingertips. In both cases it is the brain that processes and reacts to the raw data sent to it by the fingers or the eyes. 

Contrary to some beliefs, adults can learn and become proficient in reading Braille.  In this section, learn more about the code and how you can learn it.  You will also find information about Braille resources and books. 

Braille Articles and ResearchA blind senior types on a Braillenote.

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Braille Books/Contest/Resources

Beginning Braille for Adults
The McDuffy Reader
The World Under My Fingers: Personal Reflections on Braille (Third Edition)
Reading by Touch: Trials, Battles, and Discoveries

Braille Readers Are Leaders Contest

Braille Writing Supplies
Tools for Learning Braille
National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
Braille Authority of North America   
Hadley School for the Blind (Braille courses)
Braille and the Law