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2009 Louis Braille Bicentennial Silver Dollar Design

Louis Braille Bicentennial Coin, drawing of the obverse and reverse sides

Coin Description

Director of the United States Mint, Ed Moy, describes the coin as follows:

The coin obverse, or heads side of the coin, features a handsome image of Louis Braille from the neck up, facing forward.  This image captures him as the energetic, confident and successful young man he was, and the image fills the center of the coin.  He is wearing a jacket and collar in the style of the early 1800s and his hair is fashionably wavy. 

The coin also bears the inscription 'Liberty" along the curve of the coin above his head and the words "Louis Braille" underneath his portrait.  "In God We Trust" is inscribed to the right of Braille's image at cheek level.  The date "1809" appears on the left and "2009" appears on the right, both at collar height. 

On the coin reverse, the most prominent image is a boy who looks to be about 8 or 9 sitting at a table reading a book in Braille.  He is wearing a T-shirt and has the top of a cane resting on his left arm.  The word "Braille" in Braille code'abbreviated B-R-L as it is in Braille code'is produced on the upper half of the coin.   The spacing of the letters ensures that the text is no different from printed or written Braille to the touch. 

On the left in the background, the word "Independence" is written along the top of a bookshelf full of books.  The inscription 'United States of America' is at the top of the curve of the coin, "One Dollar" is at the bottom and "E Pluribus Unum" is to the right of the seated child reading Braille.