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There are five categories in the regular competition: beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert, and sighted. Participants in the beginner category read uncontracted Braille only, or read contracted Braille at a rate of 80 or fewer words per minute (wpm). Participants in the intermediate category read contracted Braille at a rate of 80-160 wpm. Those in the advanced category read contracted Braille at a rate of 160-220 wpm. Individuals who qualify for the Expert category read over 221 wpm. Sighted parents and teachers of the blind qualify for the parent/teacher category.

To determine your reading speed pick a Braille passage and read over it once casually. Set a timer for one minute. Start the timer and begin to read. When the timer sounds mark your spot. Go back and count how many words you read. Any word in the English language counts as a "word" in this test. So, the word "a" counts as one and the word "knowledge" counts as one even though it is only one character in contracted Braille. So, if you read the sentence, "Sally and Bob are coming home from a long trip," you read ten words. Repeat this one minute test three times with the same passage. Add your scores up and divide by three to get your average. Use this number to determine which category is appropriate for you.

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