Braille Readers Are Leaders 2012-2013 Adult Team of the Year Award


This award is given to the team that demonstrates the best combination of the following: number of pages read, team spirit, and incorporation of readers at all levels. A team may consist of as many as five and as few as two participants. Teams may demonstrate team spirit in any of the following ways: keeping a blog to encourage each other; creating a Facebook group in which members discuss their progress; creating a Twitter account for the team through which the team announces its progress; announcing team progress at NFB chapter meetings (this must be confirmed by the president of the chapter); holding a "read-a-thon"; or any other creative means. The team that wins the Braille Readers Are Leaders Team of the Year Award will receive a plaque for display and will become the spokespeople for the Braille Readers Are Leaders competition of 2013-2014. Contestants who wish to compete for this award must provide the following information by January 18, 2013:


  • The regular contest entry form.
  • The Team of the Year Award entry form (below). Please only submit ONE FORM PER TEAM.
  • One essay describing in detail what the team did to show team spirit and how being on a team positively affected the competitive experience of all members of the team. This essay should be no longer than two single-spaced, typed pages and should be submitted by e-mail to, fax (410-659-5129), or by mail (Braille Readers Are Leaders, 200 East Wells Street at Jernigan Place, Baltimore,Maryland 21230).
  • Documentation is required for announcements of team progress at chapter meetings and for any other displays that cannot be tracked electronically throughout the contest. Documentation consists of a signed note from a third party who witnessed the event.
Required field(s) are indicated by an *.


Note: the Captain is responsible for filling out this form and ensuring the essay is sent to the judges before January 18, 2012.
You'll know your registration form has been successfully submitted when you see the confirmation page and receive a confirmation e-mail.