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Imagineering Our Future    
2012 Convention   e-mail addresses submitted during online pre-registration 
Holiday Fundraiser   Details about the National Federation of the Blind's end-of-year fundraising campaign. 
2013 NC Preregistrants   2013 NC Preregistrants 
2014 NC Preregistrants   2014 NC Preregistrants 
2015 NC Preregistrants   Those that preregistered for convention in 2015. 
2015 GWR Participants   Contacts who filled out the GWR form. 
Donated Services Hours   Individuals asked to complete monthly donated services hours 
All accessibility boutiques   All of the CENA boutiques 
2015 WATD   Attendees 2015 Web Accessibility Training Day 
2016 NC Preregistrants    
new_mail_committee   OT needs to review this group, not current. 
Communications Seminar Attendees    
BI - BUILD Team Applicants (Smart Group)   All those who have completed the BUILD Team form 
Mass Mail donors   Donors to the Mass Mail program who have donated online. Exclude these donors from mailings. 
IOF: Donors   Smart group to include all donors who are not mass mail or otherwise "no bulk mail" in IOF mailings. 
2017 NC PreRegistration    
Imaginator Referrals   Contacts referred by imaginators 
!!JtB Law Symposium contacts (Smart Group)   JtB Law Symposium contacts used for sending email blasts. 
Donation Appeal   Use this group to send donation asks to people. 
Outreach - PAC Donor   2018 PAC Donors. Owned by Anna 
Affiliates   All National Federation of the Blind State/territorial affiliates 
OOTP-Legal Uber and Lyft Testing Program-Submissions from Form    Uber and Lyft Testing Program-Submissions from webform. 
Member of Congress    
charliesmartcong   smart group of cong reps 
Dot-Dash Participants SG   Dot Dash all past participants  
District 46 Public Safety Forum Dot Dash    
Current NFB Employees   This is a group that is of all contacts with an employee relationship to the NFB.  
OOTP - Affiliate Presidents (Smart Group)   Used for texting all affiliate presidents and uses their personal contact information to access their cell number. Also includes NFB board members (and staff) who are not affiliate presidents. 
Temp_Ambassadors_Committee_Report   Temporary fix to the deceased individuals in the Ambassadors Committee. 
Teachers Group   A group for all contacts with a teacher of blind students contact sub_type 
Parent group   All people with parent relationships, 
Past Tactile Graphics Event Participants   Group for past participants and those who registered for tactile art/graphics events. 
New Subscription Signup   New Subscription Membership Signup( New Braille Monitor and Future Reflections subscriptions ) to be added to Imagineering Our Future email list. 
2018 Tactile Graphics Symposium    
PAC Donor's   Created by Sophia Connell. This group will contain anyone who's PAC id is greater than 0. This was done because searching by not null will pull users who's ID is populated by "". 
Current Congressional Representative    
2018 donations   for Anna 
Outreach - 2018 donation summary (Smart Group)   sums total donations for year-end summary receipt. Owned by Anna Adler 
2019 JTB Law symposium Registrants   Create by Connell, Sophie. For Stacie  
Outreach - Future reflections email group (Smart Group)   people with active FR subscriptions 
OOTP - Community - Teacher of Blind Students    
Outreach - Current BM mailing list (Smart Group)   people with active braille monitor subscriptions 
Mass Mail Donors - do not email (Smart Group)   All contacts with individual contact type "Mass Mail donor" and organization contact type "Org Mass Mail Donor." Current group created to replace "Mass Mail Donors" group that had unknown criteria. Owned by Outreach. 
BUILD Phase 2 Group    
BI-2020 April Nonvisual Access Conference-Registrants   Event Registrants  
2019 Donation for summary email    
2020 JTB Law symposium Registrants   contacts who registered for 2020 JtB Law Symposium 
BI - Rehab and Vocational Agencies (Smart Group)   Organizations and individuals 
OOTP-Membership-Member Status is Current   This is a list of people who are linked to a membership relationship and has current and new as their status.  
Outreach - 2019 donors   Mailing list for 2019 donors - excludes mass mail 
BI - Bell Virtual Registration 2nd session (Smart Group)   Created for Maya's Urgent Mailing request for participants to get sent info on National Convention 
BI - Bell Virtual registration 3rd session (Smart Group))   Created by Sophia as an Urgent request for Maya Taylor to send mailings out to BELL Virtual participants.  
OP - 2020 National Convention Registrants   Smart group of all contacts registered for the 2020 National Convention event 
BI - Bell Virtual Registration 1st session   Connell Sophia: Created for Mya .Bell virtual registrants  
BI - Virtual Bell Registration 2nd session Morning    
BI - Virtual Bell Registration 2nd session Evening    
BI - Ed Tech Survey Completion Participants    
Outreach - 2020 donors 8.26.20   donors as of 8.26.20, excludes mass mail donors 
BI-2020 Sept Nonvisual Access Conference-Registrants   Connell, Sophia: Set up gorup for form for BI 
BI-2020 December-Dare to Be Remarkable-Registrants    
BI-2020 Dare to be Remarkable   Dare to Remarkable Event Smart Group 
Outreach - 2020 donors    
BI-2021 NFB BELL-Session One - 11:00a.m. June 7-18 (Smart Group)   Registrants for 2021 NFB BELL Session One - 11:00 a.m. June 7-19 (ID: 420) 
BI-2021 NFB BELL-Session One - 6:00 p.m. June 7-18 (Smart Group)   Registrants for 2021 NFB BELL Session One - 6:00 p.m. June 7-19 (ID: 421) 
BI - 2021 NFB BELL - Session Two - 11:00 a.m.July 19-30   Registrants for 2021 NFB BELL Session Two - 11:00 a.m. July 19-30 (ID: 422) 
BI - 2021 NFB BELL - Session Two - 6:00 p.m.July 19-30    Registrants for 2021 NFB BELL Session Two - 6:00 p.m. July 19-30 (ID: 423) 
BI - 2021 NFB BELL - Session Three - 11:00 a.m.Aug. 9-20   Registrants for 2021 NFB BELL Session Three - 11:00 a.m. Aug. 9-20 (ID: 424) 
BI - 2021 NFB BELL - Session Three - 6:00 p.m. Aug. 9-20   Registrants for 2021 NFB BELL Session Three - 6:00 p.m. Aug. 9-20 (ID: 425) 
Outreach - 2020 donors - Individuals   Individuals who donated in 2020 
2021 JTB Law Symposium Registrants (Smart Group)    
BI - 2021 NFB BELL - Session Three - Spanish (Smart Group)    
BI - 2021 NFB BELL - Session Two - Spanish (Smart Group)    
BI - 2021 NFB BELL - Session One - Spanish (Smart Group)    
OOTP-Diversity and Inclusion-2021 Anti-Bias Training March 20    
OOTP-Diversity and Inclusion-2021 Anti-Bias Training March 27    
OP-2021 National Convention-CART registrants    
OP-2021 National Convention-Spanish registrants    
OP-2021 National Convention-Other access need registrants    
OOTP - Community - Blind People   Anyone marked as blind in their records, member or non-members.  
test smart group    
BI-2021 tenBroek Symposium Registrants   2021 tenBroek Symposium Registrants 
OP - 2019 National Convention Registrants    
OOTP - 2021 National Convention Registrants   Smart group of 2021 National Convention Event Registrants 
BI-CENA-Maryland Contacts   These are all contacts listed with a Maryland address for any events on MDOD. This is not necessarily only members or access tech related.  
Outreach - 2021 Give 20 donors   Give 20 donors (as of 6/25/21) 
OOTP - #NFBConcert Participants    
OOTP - Convention 2021 - Confirmed Voters    
NFB IL all members   All members of NFB IL chapters - includes members who have not renewed and members that are current 
Outreach - 2021 Donor Survey (Segment 3)   Three or more donations in the past five years from $100-$499 

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