Nonvisual Election Technology Training Curriculum

To save either the 54-minute or 27-minute video to your computer, right click one of the "download" links and choose "Save Target As..." or "Copy Shortcut."  To open and view the videos, double click the "stream" links.

2005 VVS-G Certified Voting Machines:


small expressvote voting machine Elections Systems & Software
ExpressVote UVS 

11208 John Galt Blvd
Omaha, NE 68137-2320


small harti intercivic verity voting machineHart Intercivic
15500 Wells Port Drive

Austin, TX 78728

small unyson voting machine Unyson
Verified Voting
PO Box 460550
San Francisco, CA 94146-0550
760-804-VOTE (8683)



Dominion Ice voting machineDominion
Image Cast Evolution
15500 Wells Port Drive
P. O. Box 80649

Austin, TX 78728

2002 VVS Certified Voting Machines:

Avante Vote-Trakker Avante International Technology, Inc.
70 Washington Road
Princeton Junction, NJ  08550-1012
Machine:  Vote-Trakker
Stream Vote-Trakker Video  
Download Vote-Trakker Video (.wmv)
 Election Systems and Software iVotronicsES&S AutoMARK

Election Systems and Software, ESS
11208 John Galt Boulevard
Omaha, NE  68137-2320
Web site:
Machine:  iVotronics or ES&S AutoMARK

Stream iVotronics Video  
Download iVotronics Video (.wmv)


Everyone Counts
1804 Garnet Avenue, #408
San Diego, CA  92109
Web site:
Machine: eLect Universal or eLect Access

Hart InterCivic

Hart InterCivic
15500 Wells Port Drive
P. O. Box 80649

Austin, TX  78728
Machine:  eSlate

Stream eSlate Video  
Download eSlate Video (.wmv)


 IVS LLC Inspire Vote-by-Phone


10001 Linn Station Road, Suite 205
Louisville, KY  40223
Machine: Inspire

To demo the Inspire:
     1. Call 1-888-661-6366.
     2. Enter 1234 for poll worker ID.
     3. Enter 101 for ballot access ID.

Premier Election Systems AccuVote-TSX

Premier Election Solutions
1253 Allen Station Parkway
Allen, TX  75002

Machine:  AccuVote-TSX

Sequoia EDGE Machine

Sequoia Voting Systems
7677 Oakport Street, Suite 800
Oakland, CA 94621
Web site:
Machine: AVC ADVANTAGE or EDGE Machine

Download AVC Advantage Video (.wmv)

HAVA Introduction