Braille Monitor

Vol. 55, No. 9                                                       October 2012

Gary Wunder, Editor

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Vol. 55, No. 9                                                       October 2012


Illustration: The Blind Say
No to Subminimum Wages
Listen Now (MP3)

Our Fight for Dignity and EqualityListen Now (MP3)
by Christopher Danielsen

Readers, Braille, and Independence:
A Scientist's Perspective
Listen Now (MP3)
by Geerat J. Vermeij

October: High-Profile Month for the BlindListen Now (MP3)
by Barbara Pierce

City of Des Moines Adopts a Rational Process
for Accessible Pedestrian Signal Installation
Listen Now (MP3)
by Curtis Chong

Charting Our Own Course
NFB Project Innovation
Listen Now (MP3)
by Natalie Shaheen

My Priceless Scholarship ExperienceListen Now (MP3)
by Justin Salisbury

Braille Edge 40:
The Newest Offering by HIMS Inc
Listen Now (MP3)
by Michael D. Barber

tenBroek and the Beach BlanketListen Now (MP3)
by Patricia C. Estes

21 Cupboard Essentials for a Diabetes DietListen Now (MP3)
by Madeline Vann, MPH
Medically reviewed by Farrokh Sohrabi, MD

The Young Manhood of Newel PerryListen Now (MP3)
An Interview Conducted by Willa Baum

Ask Miss WhozitListen Now (MP3)

Featured Book from Your tenBroek LibraryListen Now (MP3)
Reviewed by Ed Morman

Recipes Listen Now (MP3)

Monitor MiniaturesListen Now (MP3)

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