Braille Monitor

Vol. 55, No. 10                                                       November 2012

Gary Wunder, Editor

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Vol. 55, No. 10                                                       November 2012


Illustration: The October-December Accessible Bulletin Board in the Betsy Zaborowski Conference
Room at the NFB Jernigan Institute
Listen Now (MP3)

The Jacobus tenBroek Disability Law Symposium:
A Forum for Collaboration in the Struggle for the
Right to Live in the World
Listen Now (MP3)
by Lou Ann Blake

Democratizing Braille: A World ViewListen Now (MP3)
by Kevin Carey

My Journey to Genetics: Changing What it Means
to Be a Blind Genetic Counselor
Listen Now (MP3)
by Ronit Ovadia-Mazzoni

The DAISY Consortium Global Partnership:
Working with the NFB to End the Book Famine
Listen Now (MP3)
by Stephen King

The Federation in Your Journey:
The Courage to Try
Listen Now (MP3)
by Mary Ellen Gabias

The New iBill®:
Is it Worth the Extra $20?
Listen Now (MP3)
by Curtis Chong

A Reader Takes the Braille Monitor to TaskListen Now (MP3)

Working with Blind Seniors in Support GroupsListen Now (MP3)
by Rebecca Irvin

Learning to Use a White Cane as a SeniorListen Now (MP3)
by Jonathan Ice

Remembering the NickelListen Now (MP3)
by Judy Sanders

Axis 360: Making Books Accessible
at a Library Near You
Listen Now (MP3)
by Michael Bills

Paw Prints on the Barricades Listen Now (MP3)
by Anna Kresmer

A Library for the Price of a Book Listen Now (MP3)

Newel Perry: More Profiles and California School for the Blind Politics
An Interview with Newel Perry
Listen Now (MP3)
Conducted by Willa Baum

Bob Hunt DiesListen Now (MP3)

Recipes Listen Now (MP3)

Monitor Miniatures Listen Now (MP3)

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