Braille Monitor                                                February 2013

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NFB Protest at Amazon Headquarters

On December 12, 2012, blind people from around the nation converged on Seattle to say no to Amazon’s plans to place inaccessible electronic reading devices into the K-12 classrooms of the nation. The Kindle, a machine capable of letting people read books, listen to music, and watch movies, is unfortunately not usable by the blind. After years of sharing our expertise and making clear the importance of accessibility for the blind only to have our heartfelt concern fall on deaf corporate ears, the National Federation of the Blind finally took its message to the streets. Though the weather was damp and dreary, the spirits of the blind Americans who assembled were not. Shown here are people with dogs, canes, signs, and a determination to ensure that our blind children who are K-12 students will not be left behind to satisfy Amazon’s short-sighted attempts to dominate the electronic book market.

Line of protestors carrying signs in the Amazon protest

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