Braille Monitor                                                May 2013

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NFB Sponsors Family Engineering Day

Mark Riccobono hands out I love the Blind Driver Challenge bumper stickers to children waiting in line to try their hand at the BDS.On February 16, 2013, the Jernigan Institute Education Department of the National Federation of the Blind participated in National Engineers Week by hosting a Family Engineering Day. Its two-fold purpose was to introduce engineers and would-be majors in science, technology, engineering, and math to some of the devices of special interest to the blind and to encourage blind students to pursue careers in these fields. Of special interest to attendees were the blind-drivable vehicles created for the Blind Driver Challenge and the interfaces used to communicate nonvisually those elements in driving that currently come through vision. The interface was demonstrated to eager children and adults through the Blind Driver Simulator (BDS). To keep the masses entertained while they waited their turn for the BDS, the NFB took the opportunity to introduce the critical tool of Braille to sighted adults and children through sim-Braille worksheets and crayons, allowing people to write their names or short messages.

Anil Lewis helps a pre-teen boy put on the BDS gloves.A young girl uses a crayon and a sim-Braille worksheet to write her name while she waits.

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