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Kenneth Jernigan Library for Blind Children

February 28, 2011

from The Zine Line

From the Editor: reproduced here is a notice from The Zine Line, a newsletter from then Councilman Dennis P. Zine of Los Angeles, California.

At a special gathering last Monday Mrs. Jean Dyon Norris was recognized for her decades of service and outstanding contributions as director of the Kenneth Jernigan Library for Blind Children in Tarzana. Also in attendance and flying in from Baltimore, Maryland, was Dr. Marc Maurer, president of the National Federation of the Blind (<>) and executive director of the American Action Fund for Blind Children and Adults (<>), who recognized the retiring director for her exceptional contributions and partnership. Mrs. Norris is credited for inventing the Twin Vision™ (print/Braille) format that, according to incoming Director Ms. Lucille Abbazia, enables a blind parent to read to a sighted child and also allows a blind child to follow, therefore reducing barriers in reading lessons.

The Kenneth Jernigan Library for Blind Children provides reading materials to children and young adults and is run mainly by volunteers who help in all aspects of the library’s operations. The library does not sell books, nor does it operate like a traditional walk-in library, but exclusively mails Braille books free of charge to either the reader’s home or school by calling the library at (818) 343-3219. For more information about this and other services or to volunteer, please visit <>.

Thank you, Mrs. Jean Dyon Norris, for your wonderful contributions, and we wish incoming Director Ms. Lucille Abbazia the best in her new position.

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