Braille Monitor                                                June 2013

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The NFB Scholarship Committee at Work

The entire thirty-member committee stands posed in the large conference room where the all-important decisions were made.For a long time now the National Federation of the Blind has presented scholarships to the thirty most deserving blind students in the country. Federationists who can attend the convention get to hear from them at the board meeting on the day preceeding the first general convention session, and the winner of the Kenneth Jernigan scholarship will address the banquet.

At a smaller round table, a subcommittee of six tackles a thick stack of applications.What is less well-known is that selecting the thirty most deserving students in the country requires hard work by a committee that must choose these winners from a pool of hundreds of applicants. This year brought us more than 700 applications. Some of our work is done in subcommittees and some by the full committee. Shown here are the full committee and one of the eight subcommittees that selected the scholarship class of 2013.

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