Braille Monitor                                                July 2013

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Braille Brings Music to Life

In the May issue we published an article about Jean Dyon Norris and her work in creating Twin Vision™ books, provided by the Kenneth Jernigan Library, which is operated by the American Action Fund for Blind Children and Adults. Caleb Hyndman is a student finishing kindergarten at Webster Elementary in Lewiston, Idaho. His teacher, Nora Mayton, signed him up for services from the library. In an end-of-year report she mentioned his interest in music and asked that the Library look specifically for books about music for next year. A few weeks later a book showed up with a note from the Library director that Caleb could keep the music book she sent. Nora explains: “He was absolutely delighted. He immediately began jumping up and down and took the book into his classroom, where he shared it with other students. His grandmother tells me that he keeps it on his piano at home and looks at it often.”Caleb proudly shows off The Shapes of Music, the Twin Vision™ book he recently received.

Caleb reading his new book in the classroom

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