Braille Monitor                                                August/September 2013

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Braille Book Fair

Raveena and Bryan AlliOne of the highlights of the national convention for parents and children alike is the Braille Book Fair. Each year the National Organization of Parents of Blind ChiAlyssa Mendezldren and the National Association to Promote the Use of Braille collect donations of gently used Braille books of all genres and age levels. New (to them) books encourage young readers to learn and use Braille, while donating books they’ve outgrown creates room on the shelf to buy newer and more advanced works. Volunteers at the fair will box up and ship your purchases home to you, so travel space is no limit to how many new books you can find a home for.

BuTaengkwa Sturgellsiness is brisk as parents and children search for just the right books. Joey Niebrugge and her son Teague debate choices in the first photo. In the second photo, Bryan Alli and his daughter Raveena glance over a find. There’s quite a crowd at the Book Fair, as TaenJoey Niebrugge and her son Teaguegkwa Sturgell from Indiana can confirm. In the third photo, she’s browsing a table as parents reach for books all around her. The last photo is Alyssa Mendez from Georgia, triumphantly carrying her three new books away.






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