Braille Monitor                                               December 2013

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A Thank-You from a Reader

by Estelle Shukert

From the Editor: One of the benefits of being the editor of the Braille Monitor is the occasional note of thanks that comes from people whose lives have been made better by our publication. Sometimes I read them, write a brief reply telling them how much I appreciate the note, and file it away. Sometimes I send it to President Maurer if I think it is something he ought to see. In this case, however, I thought sharing it with readers of the Braille Monitor appropriate, so here it is:

October 22, 2013

To the Editor of the Braille Monitor,

First I would like to thank you for the Braille Monitor. I receive it on the thumb drive and enjoy the stories and articles. I would like to thank you for including one of my articles about three or four months ago. I was looking for Braille Pen Pals or Braille Buddies to help me use and keep up my Braille skills. Because of your article I currently have two Braille Buddies from Hungary, one possibly from Poland, and a Pen Pal from Nebraska. It's a wonderful way to meet others and share concerns and successes.

I attend the senior program at the Colorado Center for the Blind in Littleton, Colorado. I still have a fair amount of vision but am trying to get prepared for the time when I will need to depend on the Braille and other skills we learn at the center. The support and encouragement we get at the center is very helpful, and they have definitely become a second family for me.

I have a request. I am interested in buying a Braille dictionary. I know some of them include many volumes and are quite expensive but wondered if someone might have a set that they no longer need. If so, they are welcome to call me at (303) 789-7538 or send me an email: <[email protected]> so we could discuss the possibility.

Thank you again for helping so many of us feel connected to the world. Blessings and best wishes,

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