Braille Monitor                                              March 2014

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Bid for Equality

by Kevan Worley

From the Editor: To keep the promises we have made to ourselves requires hard work and imagination and asking others to help us. One of the innovative ways we are raising the funds necessary to our work is our Bid for Equality, and here is what Kevan has to say about our efforts:

"Next up for bid is an opportunity to help support the National Federation of the Blind. We are going to be bidding for equality. The bidding will start off at $300. Do I hear $300? $300! Come on, you can't let this value go at only $300. We are bidding for equality here! Do I hear $400? $400! I heard $400; who’s gonna give $450? $450! Do I hear $500? $500! I heard $500; do I hear $550? What'll ya bid to build the future of the National Federation of the Blind? $550! I have $550, looking for $600...$550 going once, $550 going twice…$3,000! I heard $3,000! Thank you very much, sir. Do I hear $3,500? Online! Online! I have $3,500, looking for $4,000. Remember, your participation in the Bid for Equality will help provide blind kids with Braille. Bid it up, my friends. Do you want Braille? Do you want Braille? Who'll give of their time, energy, and imagination to make our next Bid for Equality the best online auction yet? Do you want to end the scourge of subminimum wages being paid to more than 300,000 people with disabilities? End injustice; end injustice! $4,000. I have $4,000, looking for $4,500…$4,000 going once, $4,000 going twice, sold for $4,000!"

We hope you enjoyed reading the above dramatization, and we hope you are excited for our next Bid for Equality online auction. Last year's package with the highest bid of $1,105 was Texas’s two music badges to the South by Southwest Music Festival, including hotel accommodations, which was followed by Indiana’s pearl necklace and earring set and New York’s weekend getaway. With fifty-two packages last year, we raised over $10,000. If we have one hundred percent affiliate participation, we would be swimming in donations. Imagine how much money we could raise.

We invite every member, friend, supporter, and local merchant to participate and make a Bid for Equality. If you were not involved with last year's auction, jump on the bandwagon and don't miss out this year.

Do you frequent a local business that might have a valuable item to donate? Do you patronize or have a relationship with a local jeweler, travel agency, lawyer, or music store owner whom you could approach for a donation? We are seeking items and packages with minimum bids of $300. It's never too early to start dreaming up the perfect package.

What's the first step in getting involved? Designate your affiliate's auction coordinator, also known as the Equality Auctioneer. Your Equality Auctioneer has the honor of coordinating a magnificent donation package to be displayed in the auction with the National Center and Equality Auctioneer Committee's guidance and resources, including attending an informational session during national convention.

For more information about whom to designate as your Equality Auctioneer or about this year's Bid for Equality auction, contact Ilana Posner at (410) 659-9314, extension 2283, or through email at <[email protected]> and visit the auction's table during general session.

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