Braille Monitor                                              April 2014

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Kernels Take Root

From the Editor: As we mentioned in the October 2013 issue of the Monitor, the NFB is creating a new Kernel Book to commemorate its seventy-fifth anniversary, and we need your stories. What are we looking for? To answer that question we are including three fine examples of stories that have appeared in our Kernel Books and have made them the treasures they are. Our hope is that these will encourage you to explore these gems on your own and inspire you to share with us the particular challenges blindness has posed in your life. How has our progress in creating better laws and the creation of better technology helped or hindered you? How has your involvement with the philosophy of the National Federation of the Blind changed your life? What experiences and reflections can you contribute to help blind and sighted people alike come to better understand what blindness is and what it is not? Read, enjoy, reflect, and then write. The success of this work depends on you.

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