Braille Monitor                                              June 2014

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Protesters for Higher Wages Outraged by
Subminimum Wages for the Blind

At a recent protest at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, several members of the National Federation of the Blind decided to ask protesters who were seeking higher wages what they thought of the current practice of paying some of the disabled less than the minimum wage. Many of the Hopkins employees were shocked, some admitted to knowing of the practice, but all were outraged that this was permitted by law and told their own stories about the difficulty in trying to pay the rent, meet the utility bills, buy groceries, and afford medical care. They found it incredibly unfair that some citizens in our nation don’t even enjoy the inadequate protection afforded by the country’s minimum wage, and our visit was most helpful in increasing public awareness.

Man with sign protesting low wages at Johns Hopkins.
Rose Sloan standing in front of Johns Hopkins Hospital.

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