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The GED and Alternatives

by Doris M. Willoughby

Doris WilloughbyFrom the Editor: Doris Willoughby has had a distinguished career as a teacher of the blind and as an author of books about how to teach the blind. In June she wrote an article expressing concern about problems in accessing the GED for those wishing to take this high school equivalency test. This is what she has learned in the interim:

Following up on a Monitor Miniature in June, I continue to seek information about the new GED test and accessibility. I do not yet know of a blind person who has actually taken the test since the changes occurred in January 2014. However, here are some pieces of information I have gathered:

In researching these matters, it is difficult to find a live person to talk with. Generally it appears that one should look online. However, the websites quickly ask for the name of the applicant; if the researcher is a teacher or other person, it may be difficult to proceed.

For these and other reasons some applicants may want to look into alternative paths to high school equivalency. Some school districts and other educational entities offer an adult high school. A particularly viable alternative is the Hadley School for the Blind, a free correspondence school, which is a source of many educational opportunities. After my previous Miniature was published, I was delighted to hear from Karen Woodfork at Hadley. She called me and introduced herself as the coordinator for high school diplomas. She explained that Hadley offers many alternatives leading to a diploma. A student may take all his/her courses from Hadley or arrange a combination with the local school district. Ms. Woodfork and others can be contacted at: <> or by telephone at (800) 526-9909.

I will continue to collect information and would be pleased to hear from others with suggestions on this important issue. I can be contacted using email by writing to Doris M. Willoughby at <>, or by telephone at (303) 424-7373.

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