Braille Monitor                                             May 2015

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STEM2U Hits Boston

Isabella Cherin uses a mortar and pestle.

As an extension of the NFB’s National Center for Blind Youth in Science initiative, in partnership with museums and science centers, STEM2U offers participants the opportunity to engage in accessible STEM learning at some of the country’s largest museums and science centers. Students will also have the opportunity to provide feedback to staff and educators about how the museum could better meet their nonvisual learning needs. In this way participants will act as both learners and teachers. In March Boston welcomed twenty elementary students in grades three through six, and ten students grades ten through twelve for a weekend of science exploration.

The students enjoyed a variety of activities at the Boston Museum of Science, from careful laboratory work involving chemicals and equipment, to tactile examination of fossil and animal specimens. After a long day’s work, the group enjoyed the chance to walk around a bit as they headed out to dinner.

Alan Quan, Alex Brown, and Jack Veliquette examine a taxidermied bear cub.
Harley Fetterman, Kristie Hong, Precious Perez, Gregory Dodge, and the other apprentices leave the museum to enjoy dinner out in Boston.

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