Braille Monitor                                             June 2015

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Federation Recognized at Concert

Six Federationists pose with Stevie Wonder after his concert. Next to Stevie on the right is Jenivieve White; behind them from left to right are Mark Riccobono, Tony Olivero, Ryan Jones, Chris Danielsen, Amari Lewis, and Scott White.

Recently six Federationists received tickets for Stevie Wonder’s concert in Baltimore and passes to meet the entertainer after the show. Mark Riccobono, Chris Danielsen, Scott White, Jenivieve White, Tony Olivero, Ryan Jones, and Amari Lewis enjoyed a wonderful evening. The whole experience was made even more memorable by the fact that Stevie didn’t just speak to them and pose for a photo with them at the end of the night. He actually opened his show saying, “I want to acknowledge that Mark Riccobono, President of the National Federation of the Blind, is here tonight. The Federation is headquartered here in Baltimore, and they are celebrating their seventy-fifth anniversary. Congratulations!”

When they met him after the show, the Federationists presented Stevie with an NFB mug with “Thank You” in Braille and a personal invitation for him to attend our national convention in July.

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