Braille Monitor                                             July 2015

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Federationists and Other Community Members Mobilize for Blind Children

Nadia Graham and a friend run in the youth race arm in arm

On Sunday, June 7, 2015, runners gathered at the Jernigan Institute to run the 6 Dot Dash, a six kilometer course that began at the Jernigan Institute and passed through Federal Hill and the Inner Harbor. The purpose of this event was to raise awareness about how few blind children are receiving the Braille instruction they need and to raise money to fund Braille literacy programs.

Other activities included a clothing drive as part of the Federation’s partnership with GreenDrop, and a kids’ corner with activities including a kids’ race. Nadia Graham and a friend ran arm in arm, with Nadia’s cane leading the way, but Nadia wasn’t too tired to ring the bell to kick off the big race. Of course, participants could take the course at whatever speed they chose. Kevan Worley and his guide ran, while Rose Sloan and others chose a more leisurely pace. And not all who ran chose to run with a guide. Gabe Cazares and Jeremy Capati, one of the interns at the Jernigan Institute, chose to tackle the course with only their trusty canes to guide them.

Nadia Graham rings the bell to start the adults’ race.Kevan Worley runs with a sighted guide.Rose Sloan walks in a group with a man using a guide dog, several others using canes, and a woman pushing a stroller.Jeremy Capati, an intern at the Jernigan Institute, and staff member Gabe Cazares walk with their canes.


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