Braille Monitor                                             August/September 2015

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Not All Business at Convention

A lot of serious business happens at national conventions: elections are held, both for the National Federation of the Blind Board of Directors, and for many of the divisions of the NFB. Resolutions are proposed, discussed, and voted on during the convention. And lots of money is handed out in awards and scholarships to those deemed worthy by the committees that present them.

But convention isn't all serious business. Convention is also a chance for friends from across the country to meet in person and have some fun together. This convention will always be special to Giovanni Francese and Mary Kay Jorgensen for it was there that they became engaged. Wednesday, July 8, was an evening for such fun and social activity. The National Association of Blind Students hosted a Monte Carlo night, and the seven original state affiliates hosted the Diamond Anniversary Ball.

A friendly hand of poker at Monte Carlo night Mark Erickson and Connie Urban prove it don’t mean a thing if you’ve got a cane, you can still swing!

Mark Riccobono and his wife Melissa cut a rug on the dance floor.

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