Braille Monitor                                            July 2016

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National Federation of the Blind Honors Award Winners with New Exhibit in the Jacobus tenBroek Library

Ellen Ringlein stands next to the new exhibit in the Jacobus tenBroek Library

The Jacobus tenBroek Library is pleased to announce the unveiling of our newest exhibit, which honors the Federationists and outside partners who have received the NFB’s highest awards since 1955. This exhibit not only celebrates the important work of those who have received these awards—a notable list of politicians, philanthropists, teachers, inventors, and Federation leaders—it pays tribute to the respected pioneers they are named after.

Each award display consists of one description plaque which features an engraving of the NFB’s current logo and explains the qualifications for receiving the award, who it was named after, and when it was established. The description plaque is then followed by a series of larger plaques containing the recipients’ names and the years that they received the award. All text is produced in both print and UEB Braille on handsome brass plaques mounted on dark brown wood. These plaques will be updated as new awards are granted to worthy winners. The tenBroek Library would like to thank the team at the National Braille Press for their fine work on the production of these beautiful awards.

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