Braille Monitor                                      August/September 2016

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Muscling Our Way to Equality

Jim Jackson (OR) and his son Chester find the beat together.

We are an organization focusing on greater opportunities, but to take advantage of most of them we must be physically fit. Recognizing this, we have been encouraging blind people to look not only at our education and training, but to be honest about our physical health. Obesity can be a killer, robbing us of life. First impressions can also be a killer, robbing us of opportunity. But more important than the negative reasons to exercise, consider the positives: the joy in physical movement, the exhilaration in pushing oneself, and the high one feels when we are really working hard.

For many of us the question hasn't been whether we should exercise but how to do it. Outside jogging or cycling isn't practical for most of us, and tennis with a friend is out of the question. But there are alternatives, and they can be fun. The NFB Sports and Recreation Division and WE Fit Wellness proved this, and the pictures we show here feature people of all ages and abilities in fun, body-building activities. As helpful as they are, no longer are we limited to the exercise bike or the treadmill. If we find these monotonous, there are alternatives, and they are ones in which we not only can become more physically fit but can enjoy ourselves while doing it.

Frida Aizenman (NV) shows Jessica Beecham (CO) that rhythm knows no age.

Megan Peoples (LA) scales the rock wall with confidence.

Kayleigh Joiner (TX) and Clare Thomas (TX) face off, head gear on, ready to fence with boffer swards.

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