Braille Monitor                                     March 2017

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The 2017 Presidents Seminar

Anil Lewis, Ron Brown (IN), Fred Schroeder, Denise Valkema (IL), Carl Jacobsen (NY), and Patrina Pendarvis (right arm) (MS). State presidents come together to plan how best to improve the quality of life for blind people throughout the country.

Sharon Maneki (MD), Jim Antonacci (PA), Micah Ranquist (VT), Everette Bacon (UT), and Mark Riccobono listen to the discussion at the seminar.

Donald Porterfield (AZ), Pam Allen (LA), Adelmo Vigil (NM), and Cathy Jackson (KY) consider Ever Lee Hairston’s (CA) words.

Life is about renewal: new ideas, new people, and new leaders. This is evidenced by the number of new state presidents who serve in the National Federation of the Blind. To help in the transition to these most important offices, a seminar was held just prior to the Washington Seminar. State presidents began assembling on Saturday for a 6 PM dinner that would begin a series of meetings discussing the history of the Federation, the present programs we undertake, and what we should do in the future to remain the most vital force in work with the blind.

On Saturday and Sunday we met long into the night, and still we were pressed to touch on all that needed to be addressed. The group discussed organizational priorities, the way to build and strengthen membership, and how to create the strong base of financial support that is so necessary to advancing our programs. State presidents shared their concerns with other leaders and developed relationships that will serve them well as they go about problem-solving and engaging in the creative thinking that will result in stronger and more vital affiliates.

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