Braille Monitor                                     June 2017

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There Is a List for That!

by David Andrews

David AndrewsThis month we will continue our monthly column of internet mailing lists with technology-related offerings. If you are a regular user of our lists, you will know they are a great source of technology news and information. They are also a great place to get your technology-related questions answered. But which list should you join? Read on and see what is available.

The original technology list we offered is called GUI-Talk. The GUI, pronounced “gooey” stands for the “graphical user interface.” This includes Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android, and any other graphical interface you can shake a mouse at. You can subscribe to the list by going to, or you can also subscribe by sending an email to [email protected], and put the word “subscribe” on the subject line by itself. This is the best list to ask general technology and software questions related to the graphical user interface.

Electronics Talk is for the discussion of home appliances and electronics. It is also a place where you can ask questions about the accessibility of consumer-oriented electronics. The discussion of phones is also permitted, although this is not the primary purpose of the list. To join either go to or send an email to [email protected] and put the word “subscribe” on the subject line.

Two NFB technology-related divisions also have lists: the NFB in Computer Science, and the Science and Engineering division. The Committee on the Promotion and Evaluation of Technology also has a list. Their list names are nfbcs, nfb-science, and promotion-technology. Subscribe by going to or by sending an email to [email protected] with “subscribe” on the subject line. Listname is the short name given above for nfbcs, nfb-science, or promotion-technology, respectively.

The KNFB Reader, an important technology for many of us, also has a support list. To join either go to or send an email to [email protected] and put the word “subscribe” by itself on the subject line.

Blind Math is a list for the discussion of mathematics and how blind or visually impaired people can function in this area. Some of the world’s leading experts in math and blind people are subscribed to this list, so the advice can be quite good. To subscribe go to or send an email to blindmath-request
and put the word “subscribe” on the subject line.

A somewhat related list which we host as a service to the blind community is the Blind R Users Group, blindrug. R is open source statistical software, and according to the list's founder Jonathan Godfrey, is the most accessible option available for screen reader users. To subscribe go to or send email to blindrug-request
and put the word “subscribe” on the subject line.

Two states also have lists for their technology divisions. They are Kentucky and New Jersey. The listnames are nfbktad and njtechdiv.

Finally, there is nfb-web. This list is for webmasters of NFB-related websites. This list also supports the NFB Webmasters Group. To join go to or send an email to [email protected].

Next month we will tell you about lists in the Golden State, California. As always, you can find all NFBNET.ORG-related lists at

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