Braille Monitor                                     July 2017

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Nielsen Cares and a New Partnership is Born

The Nielsen Cares team poses with Anil Lewis, Mya Jones, and Jenivieve White

Many of us have heard of the Nielsen ratings and have probably been disappointed when a favorite TV show has been cancelled, and the excuse for taking it off has been the rating provided by this company. It turns out that Nielsen does much more than watch people watch television: its mission is to collect and analyze data, and television is but one of its markets.

Matthew Ottwell helps with inventory of the education section

To help employees and to help the community, Nielsen has employee resource groups. Lou Ann Blake, Jenivieve White, and Anna Adler attended two meetings to learn about Nielsen and to help it learn about the Federation. The company has a program called Nielsen Cares, and at least once each year employees can decide to help an organization they select. The result was the Baltimore group choosing to help us on May 11, Global Impact Day, by sending nine employees to the Jernigan Institute. They helped reorganize the storage of our educational material, assisted in doing a Braille Pals mailing, and later participated in our Six Dot Dash race to raise funds for the organization. The Nielsen family is interested in expanding its involvement with us to include participating in state conventions and other activities in our local chapters. What a wonderful way to get to know our neighbors and to get them to know us.

Gareth Kelly explains the procedure to Toni Moore

The entire Nielsen Cares team works together on a Braille Pals mailing

Part of the Nielsen Cares team poses with President Riccobono, Mya, Jen, and Mrs. Maurer

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