Braille Monitor                                     July 2017

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There Is a List for That!

by David Andrews

This month we will continue our monthly column exploring internet mailing lists with the Golden State—California. The main list for the state of California is NFBC-Info. You can subscribe to the list by going to, or you can also subscribe by sending an email to and put the word “subscribe” on the subject line by itself. The list contains both discussion and announcements related to the NFB of California and its chapters and activities.

A number of the chapters in California have their own lists. Below are the list name and a brief description of each. To subscribe substitute the list name in the command above for the nfbc-info phrase.

NFBSF: NFB of California San Francisco Chapter list
NFB-River-City: NFB of California Sacramento Chapter list
NFBC-SFV: NFB of California San Fernando Valley Chapter list

Two divisions in California also have their own lists: students and community service. Their list names are CABS-Talk and CACommunity-Service respectively and can be used in the web or email commands mentioned previously. You can also locate all the California lists just by going to and searching for the word “California.”

Next month we will tell you about guide dog-related lists. As always, you can find all NFBNET.ORG-related lists at

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