Braille Monitor                                     August/September 2017

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Strutting Their Stuff

Allyssa HillierDefinitions of beauty can vary widely based on culture, age, and a host of other societal influences. Living up to those definitions can be difficult enough on the best day. When you add in the pressures telling blind people that they are broken, defective, or otherwise flawed, it can become nearly impossible to recognize our own beauty.

The National Organization of Parents of Blind Children works hard to help parents as they do whatever they can to see their children mature into competent and confident adults. The style show is but one of many activities to assist in this process, but oh what an event it is. Young blind people from preschool to high school can participate, giving them an opportunity to strut their stuff and show that blind is beautiful.

One of our youngest models this year was Allyssa Hillier. This poised Federationist looked every inch the princess with her white cane in hand as she smiled brightly for the camera. President Riccobono’s daughter Oriana charmed the crowd in her pink floral dress. Abby Duffy rocked a different aesthetic as she posed confidently in her Harry Potter t-shirt and shorts. But it wasn’t just the ladies working the runway with confidence. Rudifer Frausto and Jarrison Gray may have come from the heat of Arizona, but they were two cool dudes when they walked out in front of the crowd.

Oriana RiccobonoAbby Duffy

Rudifer Frausto Jarrison Gray

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