Braille Monitor                                     January 2018

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A New Home for the Records Center

On a cold December day in Baltimore, a large group of the NFB staff came together to complete what was truly a herculean task. Their goal was to move the NFB Record Center from the 4th floor to its new home on the 2nd floor. A team of nearly thirty enthusiastic staff members moved 110 filing cabinets, containing the Federation’s history spanning from the early 1940s all the way to the early 2000s. These cabinets contain almost everything about the NFB during this time period, from the files of the first user experience study with the Kurzweil Reading Machine in 1977, to the records of every single Washington Seminar ever held, and to the correspondence of every NFB affiliate stretching back in time to the early days of the Federation.

However, it was not just the size and scope of the materials being moved that proved to be challenging, nor even the sheer weight of so much collected paper. But the contents of about sixty filing cabinets had to be unloaded into boxes, moved to the new location, and put back, all while carefully maintaining their order. Another challenge, this one unexpected, was the discovery that many of these cabinets had been bolted together from the inside and needed to be separated before they could be moved.

Yet, undeterred, the amazing team rose to the occasion, put their backs and their brains into it, and completed this humongous job in under just 6 hours! Once again, the NFB proves that it has some of the best staff in the world. But what else would you expect from an organization as committed and inspired as the National Federation of the Blind?

The old records center full before the file cabinets were moved to the new location.

A group of staff wrestle with a filing cabinet to get it into its proper place.

Staff members smile as they remove file boxes from a cart to be refiled in the new records center.

Mark Riccobono smiles as he checks in on the crew moving files and filing cabinets. Staff member, Ryan Pugh, stands in the background with a cart full of file boxes.

The old records center all emptied out.

The new records center full of newly filled filing cabinets and wire shelving.

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