Braille Monitor                                    May 2018

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Shaping the Technology of the Future

Keeping up with technology is a big challenge, but one of our most important tasks is to guide its development. What do blind people need, and what is the current state of technology that may bring it? What must we do as blind people to make our needs known and then connect with the resources required to meet them? This is the task of the Research and Development Committee, chaired by Brian Buhrow, a former scholarship winner who works in digital communications in California. Other members include Curtis Willoughby, an electrical engineer who spent decades proving that a blind person could work in this field and make substantial contributions to it. The same is true of Lloyd Rasmussen, and then there are the younger people who are building careers and reputations in companies long thought off-limits to the blind.

Together this group will do its best to shape the technology of the future and expand possibilities for all of us.

Brian BuhrowCurtis Willoughby
Lindsay YazzolinoLloyd Rasmussen
Hai Nguyen Ly

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