Braille Monitor                          March 2019

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World Braille Day: The World Acknowledges the Value of Literacy for the Blind

Many desires unite the blind of the world: having a place to live, being able to enjoy that place as a palace and not a prison, getting an education and eventually some kind of job so that one's efforts are appreciated by getting something of worth for them. Not only are we united in our aspirations, but sometimes we also share a common belief in a technique. Braille is the most obvious example, and so it is that the World Blind Union worked to get the United Nations to designate the birthday of Louis Braille as World Braille Day. What an acknowledgement by a world body that Braille is the key to literacy and that literacy is the key to a better life for all who are fortunate enough to possess it.

The Jernigan Institute staff pose with the cake for World Braille Day.]

As shown in the photos accompanying this text, we did some celebration of World Braille Day at our NFB Jernigan Institute. The cake in the photo nurtured the body, but what it symbolizes nourishes the heart and soul. Thank you Louie Braille, and thank you to all who continue to work to convince the world that the beauty of literacy should be shared by the blind.

The sheet cake not only has the words “Happy World Braille Day” written in cursive in icing, but small candies spell out the same words in Braille.

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