Braille Monitor                          April 2019

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All Work and No Play Is Not What We’re About

Articles in dozens of issues of the Braille Monitor have covered activities undertaken by members of the National Federation of the Blind at the local, state, and national level: meeting with legislators, protest marches, lawsuits, meetings with school officials of varying levels, and more. And while all of these are serious, necessary actions to bring about the change crucial to allow blind Americans to live the lives they want, they are only one facet of our organization.

Members of the Alabama affiliate prepare food for participants of the affiliate’s first annual walkathon.

Just as important to our success are the activities that are fun and promote the bonds of family and friendship among Federationists, and between Federation members and the community at large. Events like trivia nights, walkathons, and car washes can raise funds for chapter and affiliate activities and introduce the community at large to the NFB. Volunteer opportunities like packaging food at food banks or blood drives turn on its head the stereotype of the blind as receivers rather than providers when it comes to charitable activities. Then there are the bingo games, movie nights, or meals out together that promote the kinship among Federation members. And let’s not forget the bonding by Federationists that takes place at a picnic with good food, games, and the conversations that propel us from acquaintances to friends to family.

Members of the Alabama affiliate enjoy a barbeque dinner together after their first successful walkathon.
Members of the Montgomery Chapter play bingo together.

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