Braille Monitor                          June 2019

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Paws for Celebration

As a blind person, learning how to travel can be one of the most empowering skills one ever gets. For some of us freedom of movement is achieved through using a guide dog. Some of us use a cane. A goodly number use both a dog and a cane and let the situation determine which they will use.

In recognition of the important role guide dogs play in the travel of many blind people, the last Wednesday in April is celebrated as International Guide Dog Day. This year it fell on April 24, and we participated in the celebration by highlighting it on that day. We continue to act as strong advocates through our legal advocacy, our rideshare testing, and our active National Association of Guide Dog Users and its many programs. Moving is essential to a movement, and we proudly recognize our brothers and sisters who travel with their loyal and dedicated guide dogs.

Ashley Alvey stands by the road with her guide dog

Nani Fife loves on her guide dog

Maryanne Cooney Melley marches with her guide dog at the Let Us Play Us protest

Stephanie Flint and her guide dog at Capitol Hill with John Paré and Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan regarding new funding for the National Library Service for the Blind

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