Braille Monitor                          February 2020

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Leading with the Heart

For the past five years the National Federation of the Blind has held a transformational seminar with the Art of Leadership group, as part of the Art with a Heart organization. High school students from across Baltimore came to the Jernigan Institute to participate in this two-and-a-half hour seminar. These students were challenged by Braille instruction, going over the alphabet and using a Braillewriter; learning kitchen techniques under learning shades, including cutting vegetables and fruit and baking cookies; experiencing access technology, including using JAWS to explore a website, using a KNFB Reader, using VoiceOver on iPhone graphics; and learning some basics of cane travel under learning shades.

At the end of this seminar the students and the instructors had a meal together, and over good food had good discussion about the students’ experiences and what they learned. The breaking of bread also gave them a chance to ask questions that might have come from the experience.

This year’s Art of Leadership Group: Back row, left to right: Ethan, Devan, La’Mya, Mya, Jack, and Eli; Middle row: Noah (kneeling), Jordan, Kourtney, Keera, Jonathan, Amanda, Abijah, and Quinn; Front row: Kayla, Samantha, Zawadi, Allie, Paige, Anning, and Ryder

Karl Belanger and Kennedy Zimnik demonstrate access technology to Kourtney, Keera, Mya, Nadia, and Devan.]

Ethan and Ryder were able to practice kitchen techniques while under learning shades by baking cookies.

Taught by Steve Booth, Summer, Noah, Ryder, Abijah, and Amanda practice Braille using Perkins Braillewriters.

Eli, Jack, Jonathan, Zawadi, and Jordan navigate a small set of stairs under learning shades with the help of mentors, Maurice Peret, Lou Ann Blake, Scott White, and Stephanie Flynt.

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