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Teaching Access Technology Using Structured Discovery Techniques

by Chancey Fleet and Matt Hackert

Chancey Fleet From the Editor: Matt is an access technology specialist who came to work for the NFB in April of 2019. Prior to joining the staff, he worked for three years in Nebraska making technology more usable for blind people. His training is in music, and a favorite pastime is playing the piano.

Chancey works at the New York Public Library on its tech team. She is a well-known Federationist who lives and works in New York. She has a tremendous grasp of technical issues and the much-appreciated ability to bring what she knows to earth people who don’t care how it works but do want to know how to work it. She serves as the first vice president of the New York affiliate, is the president of our trainer’s division, and her advocacy is second to none. Here is the article she and Matt submitted:

Teaching Access Technology Using Structured Discovery Techniques is a three-day, hands-on workshop that features the Structured Discovery philosophy of teaching and learning. Structured Discovery has its roots in teaching cane travel, but it has expanded to include the methodologies of Socratic questioning to promote problem solving in all areas of nonvisual skills and independence for the blind.

Dates and Location: Tuesday, April 14, through Thursday, April 16, 2020, National Federation of the Blind, 200 East Wells Street at Jernigan Place, Baltimore, MD 21230.

Schedule: Tuesday, April 14—Sessions by access technology professionals focusing on the intersection between access technology education and Structured Discovery philosophy.
Wednesday, April 15—Hands-on accessible iOS app development with Apple.
Thursday, April 16—Hands-on accessible Android app development with Google.

Call for Presentations: Share your expertise! Presentation topics on Tuesday, April 14, may include training techniques, self-guided learning, theory of technology education, and additional relevant topics. Presentations can be thirty or sixty minutes in length. Interactive elements are encouraged.

Matt HackertHow to Submit a Proposal: The deadline to submit proposals is February 14, 2020. Notifications of acceptance will be made February 21, 2020. Please submit your proposal as a Word or Google document to Matt Hackert at [email protected]. Please include the title of your presentation, your name, affiliation, and contact details. Provide a brief description of your presentation's goal and what you will cover; bullet points are fine as long as your planned content is substantive and clear.

More Information: Although we cannot provide travel support to all presenters, limited assistance is available for those otherwise not able to attend. Please inquire if assistance is needed. The final agenda will be confirmed by February 28, 2020. Registration coming soon.

For more information, please contact:
Conference Chair
Chancey Fleet
Assistive Technology Coordinator
New York Public Library
[email protected] 

Conference Coordinator
Matt Hackert
Access Technology Specialist
National Federation of the Blind
[email protected] 

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