Braille Monitor                          March 2020

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Participate in Braille Monitor Survey

The Braille Monitor is a magazine that the Federation has published since 1957. We call it our flagship publication. In terms not so tied to the Navy, this means that it should be the lead publication of our organization, the one which all of us follow and contribute to in order to share what is going on in our Federation Family, the latest news about blindness-related activities, and the place we record the major milestones of the National Federation of the Blind’s progress.

For some time now, we have been seeing Federationists—new Federationists in particular, we believe—who don’t seem to know about the Braille Monitor and who have not subscribed because of it. We have assembled a survey that will ask participants a number of things about the Monitor, including whether someone has offered to sign them up for it; whether they read it and why not if the answer is no; and what should change to make the Monitor more the kind of magazine they want to see as the flagship publication of our organization.

The Braille Monitor reflects many of our traditions, but it also must evolve enough to clearly be relevant in this decade and those to come. Please help us by telling us what you want, what you need, and what you will read. Together we will keep making history, and the Braille Monitor will continue to tell our story about defining a problem, talking it through, and doing what it takes to see that it gets solved. Thank you for helping the publication that states boldly “We are the Blind Speaking for Ourselves.”

How to Complete the Survey

Braille Monitor Survey

Please complete the following survey questions.

  1. How long have you been reading the Braille Monitor?
  1. If you’ve never read the Braille Monitor or you decided not to continue reading it, please tell us why. If you read it regularly, skip to question three.
  1. How did you hear about the Braille Monitor?
  1. What is your preferred reading method for magazines?
  1. What information are you looking for in the Braille Monitor? You may select more than one.
  1. Please provide any additional feedback regarding the Braille Monitor.


Your responses will be anonymous. Thank you for your participation in our Braille Monitor Survey.

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