Braille Monitor                          March 2020

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Living the Life I Want: A Dream I Thought Might Never be Possible

by Amy Wilson

From the Editor: Amy Wilson is the director of our social media efforts in the NFB of Missouri. She is married, has one child, and is very active on Facebook and ever more so on Twitter. If there is an impression to be had on behalf of the National Federation of the Blind’s Missouri Affiliate, she wants to take advantage of it. Here are some brief remarks she has written about a line that means so much to her:

I still feel like I am new to the NFB, however, our tag line moves me deeply. When I think of the statement, “Live the Life You Want,” it opens my mind to life’s possibilities. Knowing I am not the only one who struggles and overcomes those struggles is powerful. I spent too many years not knowing others who are blind, and now I have a great affirmation for life and a Federation family.

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