Braille Monitor                         January 2021

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The Five Hundredth Presidential Release: Communication is the Key

Marc Maurer, Mark Riccobono, and Mary Ellen Jernigan

In 1973 President Jernigan wanted a more personal way to communicate with members who came together in chapter meetings. For decades a letter was sent that leaders were asked to read during the meeting, but he wanted something in his own voice, something that did not require a sighted person to read. For this reason, Presidential Release number one was issued on November 12, 1973, and it can be heard at

On December 1, 2020, President Riccobono recorded Presidential Release number 500. In addition to the normal updates we are accustomed to find, he asked Immediate Past President Marc Maurer and Mrs. Mary Ellen Jernigan to join him in the live release. Presidential Release 500 was certainly memorable, and it can be found at

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