Braille Monitor                         February 2021

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There be Dragons in These Books

by Jenivieve White

Jenivieve WhiteFrom the Editor: Ask anyone who works as a member of the national staff what words come to mind when they think of kindness, gentleness, helpfulness, and someone who is always there to be of assistance. I believe that there would be a nearly unanimous consensus that the definition is for Jen White. I’ve never heard her say the word “no” except when I asked if she was too busy to help me. I can’t think of anyone more committed to staff morale and taking personal responsibility for helping to raise it. One of Jenivieve’s assignments is to work with the American Action Fund for Blind Children and Adults in getting books for blind students and their parents Brailled and distributed. Here is information she believes you need to have:
The American Action Fund for Blind Children and Adults has collaborated with Scholastic to bring the Dragon Masters series of books to all blind children and their families. This seventeen-book series written by Tracey West is an adventure-packed world filled with dragons, fantasy, and diverse characters. A magical Dragon Stone chooses a few lucky children to live at King Rowland’s castle as dragon trainers and carefully matches the right dragon to each trainer. Quests and battles against evil bring children and their dragons together. Each child has to communicate with and trust his or her own dragon, and the adults have to trust the children’s abilities. Although the Dragon Masters series has battles galore, it focuses on how the young dragon masters prepare for battle, build relationships, trust their instincts, and support one another. Each book includes a teaser for the next book in the series, which will keep young readers anticipating the next book!

You can find the Braille file for each book on the Action Fund website at: Each file can be downloaded and put onto a Braille output device or embossed to create your own Braille book. Below is a listing of each title in the series:

Book 1: Rise of the Earth Dragon
Book 2: Saving the Sun Dragon
Book 3: Secret of the Water Dragon
Book 4: Power of the Fire Dragon
Book 5: Song of the Poison Dragon
Book 6: Flight of the Moon Dragon
Book 7: Search for the Lightning Dragon
Book 8: Roar of the Thunder Dragon
Book 9: Chill of the Ice Dragon
Book 10: Waking the Rainbow Dragon
Book 11: Shine of the Silver Dragon
Book 12: Treasure of the Gold Dragon
Book 13: Eye of the Earthquake Dragon
Book 14: The Land of the Spring Dragon
Book 15: Future of the Time Dragon
Book 16: Call of the Sound Dragon
Book 17: Fortress of the Stone Dragon

So get all fired up like the breath of the dragons, and go to

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