Braille Monitor                         March 2021

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The Presidential Release

The Presidential Release was started in 1973, a revolutionary new way for the President to speak with chapter members directly. Through the years, the technology has evolved, but the purpose has remained the same. Analog cassettes are a thing of the past, having been replaced first by digital thumb drives. Now, in addition to these, we have a way to broadcast the release to any member wishing to hear it and, as time allows, to ask questions of President Riccobono. By the time you read this, the March release will be history, but be prepared to come and listen on April 1, and no, I’m not going to say April Fools.

Mark Riccobono smiles while giving the Presidential Release; the American flag and the National Federation of the Blind flag can be seen behind him.

A view of the Presidential Release recording studio. The recording equipment is in the foreground with the lights and camera in front and President Riccobono at a table near the back.

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