Braille Monitor                         March 2021

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We are Women and Sisters Forever

by Danielle McCann

Danielle, a Latinx with her dark hair in curls accented by a tiara stands on the beach in her wedding dress looking down at her bouquet of navy and white flowersFrom the Editor: Danielle McCann is our director of social media on the Communications Team at the Jernigan Institute. She is also a very active Federationist who wishes to thank the women who make her life so much better by being a tremendous source of support and encouragement. Here is what she says in honor of National Women’s Month:

You can hear it in the halls every time we come together. As we’re in lines at the coffee shop or waiting for registration to open, “Here, try this,” or “Let me help you with that.” We share extra cane tips, baby bottles, dog bags, and anything else you could imagine. Along with the physical items, there is usually a friendly word, and it’s not limited to in-person situations. We put out asks on social media about best beauty tips, shoes, childcare, and more. As those who identify as women who are blind, we live at this intersection that could be looked at from the outside as hard to navigate, but even though it gets tough at times, it’s never lonely.

Every time I reunite with my sisters in the Federation, I come away with a sense of kinship. The little tips I learn, like using a clean dog poop bag as a water bowl in a pinch, come home with me, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who leaves a gathering armed with advice like this. As we listen to speeches and presentations in general sessions at events, some of us are knitting or crocheting. Several of my closest friendships started with yarn at National Convention. Speaking of convention, my first date with my husband was in Orlando in 2016. I would never have gotten over my nerves without the handful of women from across the country who helped me get ready and sent encouraging texts during that convention. Though we don’t speak often, we can pick up right where we left off, and whether it’s a one-line text or a two-hour long conversation, consisting of 75 percent laughter, we are there for each other.

Cheers to all of you beautiful, powerful, wonderful ladies! May the bonds that bring us together continue to grow stronger.

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