Braille Monitor                         May 2021

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Doing Our Part to Conquer the Pandemic

Since March of 2020 many who work for the Federation at our Jernigan Institute have been officing from home. Visits to the building have been well coordinated to ensure social distancing and thorough cleaning of areas that are visited. As we now have vaccine to deploy, one of the activities at the Institute on April 5 was conducting a clinic where staff and members of the blind and disabled community could receive their shots. Approximately 150 people got their first dose, and a second will be made available on May 3.

We were assisted by our partners at the Maryland Department of Disabilities and the Maryland Vaccine Equity Task Force. Shots were administered by pharmacists from Rite Aid, and hats off to our Maryland Affiliate for helping coordinate all of this.

Nick Lambright and Jenn White steer people through the line.
Mark Riccobono gets his first vaccination.
An NFB member watches over staff who have received their vaccine for the required fifteen minutes.

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