Braille Monitor                  August/September 2021

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Career Mentoring Takes Spot for First Event at Jernigan Institute Since the Doors Opened

The National Federation of the Blind Jernigan Institute, a four-story brick building that stretches across a full Baltimore city block, was closed to the public and did not host events for sixteen months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. On July 26, 2021, the building officially opened back up. Safety protocols are still in place, and we continue to recommend calling ahead to schedule a visit. We held our first in-person event on August 14, a career mentoring seminar!

The National Federation of the Blind career mentoring program connects blind and low-vision students with successful blind role models who help them navigate their path from education to career success. Hosted in conjunction with the Maryland Association of Blind Students, a Federation division, the August seminar agenda included working in teams, blind professional presentations on their careers, resume writing, and group discussions on elevator pitches, assistive technology, and professional attire. A group of ten blind students attended with several mentors that helped make the day packed with guidance, fun, and connections.

A group of blind adults and students cross a street toward the Jernigan Institute, a brick building.

Four blind students at a round table, touch materials for a team building activity.

A blind professional in a blue suit with a white cane speaks to blind students.

A blind professional speaks to a group of blind students who are seated at computer desks.

Three blind students talk to two mentors in a small group session.

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