Braille Monitor                  October 2021

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The Beauty of Local Programming and the Magic of Sharing Your News

Having local programming at the chapter level is fundamental to what we do in the National Federation of the Blind. When the Greater Akron Chapter of the National Federation of the Blind of Ohio thought about ways they could help blind students, they decided to give backpacks to the young people, the contents of which would be determined by the student. The event was a wonderful way to begin bridging the gap that so many of us who grew up without blind role models complain about. It also gave members of our Akron Chapter a chance to meet with young people and their families and to hear in their own words the things that excite and challenge them. It began building a bridge between the organized blind and the teachers who work in the Akron public schools. May every chapter find a way to be so proactive and to make the National Federation of the Blind something that every student can experience, touch, take to their school room, and, at the end of the day, bring home.

Because of the Akron Chapter's efforts and taking the time to share, we have a great lead for the Monitor. Please do the same when your chapter has an event; share it so we may all take strength and direction from you.

Greater Akron president Dave Bertsch speaks to the families about the NFB.Greater Akron member Camryn Gattuso speaks to students about the NFB Scholarship she won.Greater Akron member Pat McPherson gives a backpack of accessible school supplies to a student.Greater Akron members Jessica Stover and Krissy Coen serve pizza and help students with accessible crafts and games.

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