Braille Monitor                  December 2021

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Twenty Truths Never to Forget

by Dr. LaShawna Fant

LaShawna FantFrom the Editor: It is always with joy that we find new authors coming to these pages, and though LaShawna is not new, she is close enough to it that we appreciate her finding a place for her talent in the Braille Monitor. I find these truths uplifting and quite fit for the holiday season:

As we navigate through life, we should learn and gain more wisdom. It is central for us to possess gratitude and appreciation for our lives. The following list is not all-inclusive and is not in any specific lineup based on importance. Indisputably, the fabric of life certainly adorns some lovely and outstanding moments.

  1. As long as you have a pulse, there is time to make a change.
  2. Wherever you go in life, be positive, polite, and true to yourself.
  3. Maintaining peace of mind is priceless.
  4. Exercise and healthy eating have numerous significant benefits.
  5. There is always one reason we can be thankful.
  6. Give people their flowers while they are living.
  7. Time is something you can never get back.
  8. Happiness and worth are not based on the quantity of worldly things you acquire.
  9. Sticking to your financial budget helps you rest well at night.
  10. If you fall, do not stay there. Get up and do better the next time.
  11. As much as possible, try to start early and plan. Procrastination can yield countless unhealthy results.
  12. Life is short; make the best out of every day!
  13. Tell the truth, even when it is not popular.
  14. You are never too old to learn something new.
  15. Whatever you do for others, always do it from your heart.
  16. Secure a circle of friends who are strong for you and not a drain.
  17. Respect and manners will take you a long way.
  18. Be sure to tell your loved ones how much you adore and appreciate them.
  19. Your life still has value, purpose, and meaning.
  20. You can live the life you want. Blindness is not what holds you back.

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