Braille Monitor                  December 2021

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How about One New Year's Resolution for Your Federation Family

by Gary Wunder

When people are kind enough to give critical feedback about our Braille Monitor and other publications of ours, two suggestions emerge: run more articles on more subjects and draw more authors to our pool of contributors. Both of these are completely consistent with my hope for our flagship publication, so I'd like each reader to think about becoming an author. So many of us fail to realize that our story is worth telling and that, whether we consider ourselves writers or not, we at the Monitor can help.

I had a Federation friend tell me a story about some difficult times in his life. I was floored and asked him to write it. He thanked me for my enthusiasm about what he had said but told me he really wasn't a writer. I asked if he would consider letting me be a ghost writer, assuring him it would go under his name and that never would I reveal my role. He agreed, I had him tell me the story again, and I wrote it down. I was nervous because this was a fantastic story. I sent it to him and waited on pins and needles for him to call back. When he did, I couldn't contain myself! "Was the article okay?"

"It made me cry. You know, it wasn't until I saw it in writing that I realized just how emotional this was to me." We played with some factual changes, and the story ran. We are all the better for his sharing, and I loved being a silent partner.

Sometimes all of us have experiences we vow never to share and to take to our graves, but let's not make an important story one of them. This is your Braille Monitor not just as a reader but as a contributor. The same is true for our Blog and our Story Bank. Let your Federation family and others we have on our lists know about your experiences, your insights, and your thoughts about what should comprise our Federation agenda. Help us continue to be relevant, and let’s do it in a way that people find interesting.

Send your Monitor ideas to [email protected] or call me at (410) 659-9314, Extension 2360. Our Communications Team is always glad to get stories, so please write us at [email protected]. There is no downside to this. Let us all share and grow together.

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