Braille Monitor                  January 2022

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Thanking the Builders Who Give Us the Tools

In the National Federation of the Blind, we are blessed with many volunteers and a dedicated staff who work tirelessly to build the Federation because it is the way we change the world and build it so that blind people live quality lives. But builders need tools, and a big part of our toolbox must have money inside it. Our many supporters make this possible, and, for every gift, we want to acknowledge and thank our donors. We want them to understand that they have not just given a donation; they have given an opportunity that didn’t previously exist.

On December 1, 2021, we held our 2021 Supporter Celebration. Guests were treated to appetizers and beverages, some wonderful hospitality, and a chance for our supporters and members of the National Federation of the Blind Board of Directors to meet, renew friendships, and conclude the evening by being a part of the live Presidential Release for December, 2021. This was Presidential Release 511, and in addition to the release, the questions, and the live feedback, two drawings were held. One was to give away a cane decorated by President Riccobono; the second was to give away a cane decorated by First Vice President and the Chairman of the Board Pam Allen. Those who missed it can listen by going to:

A view of the crowded room with Christmas decorations in the background.
Patti Chang speaks with several supporters around a high top table.
Mark Riccobono wearing a Santa’s beard addresses the crowd.
Pam Allen and Mark Riccobono smile together on stage a pair of decorated canes lean in front of the table between them.

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